Agapornis Genome Study

Published articles

We are honoured to be part of one of the world’s largest studies on bird evolution. This paper was published in Nature in November 2020. It covered the genomes of 362 bird species, of which Agapornis roseicollis is one. Nature is one of the world’s leading scientific journals and to be able to be part of this shows the importance of the lovebird genome. Here is the link to this article

Our first article was on the lovebird genome and how we sequenced, assembled and annotated it.

“Draft De Novo Genome Sequence of Agapornis roseicollis for Application in Avian Breeding” by Henriëtte van der Zwan, Francois van der Westhuizen, Carina Visser & Rencia van der Sluis was published in October 2017. Please feel free to read it here

The second article was a review article on Agapornis colours and the genetics behind it.
“Plumage colour variations in the Agapornis genus: a review” by Henriëtte van der Zwan, Carina Visser & Rencia van der Sluis was published in Ostrich Journal of African Ornithology in March 2019. This was the lead article in this issue and the lovebird was shown on the cover. Link to this article

The third article gave a description on the work we done on the development of the parentage verification panel for lovebirds.
“Development of an SNP-based parentage verification panel for lovebirds” by Henriette van der Zwan , Carina Visser, Maryke Schoonen and Rencia van der Sluis was published in Animal genetics in August 2019.
Link to this article